Bow Legs Treatment without surgery

Bow Legs Treatment

Bow Legs and Knock Knee are medical condition where the legs appears abnormal. In this condition, The legs may appear Bent outwards i.e each leg is in a bow form causing the leg the spread wide apart or the leg may appear bent inwards. More on Bow Legs Treatment

Bow Legs Treatment

Conventionally, children are born with bow legs although it might not be noticeable in most condition but the knee is bent outwards away from the body. The knee however incline to straighten out between the age of 18 and 24 months. Therefore it is normal the see children that are under 18 months to appear bow legged. If a child leg appear after the age of 24 months the its advisable to check bow legs treatment Knock knee on the other hand tend to be visible at the age between 2 – 3 years. More on Bow Legs Treatment


Major causes of Bow Legs

Rickets (a metabolic disorder)

Rickets is a medical condition Vitamin D deficiency causes Bowleg. When a child lacks Vitamin D or does not receive enough, the bones tenbow legs treatmentd soften and weaken. When the body has enough Vitamin D, it helps the to absorb enough calcium and also phosphate for strong and healthy bones in the body. Various food that are rich in vitamin D including milk, eggs, fish and more.


Fracture mean broken bones, when there are broken bones in any part of the body dues to injury, and the fracture does not heal properly it could lead to bow leg.

Blount’s disease

Blount’s disease is a disorder in growth of the shin bone (tibia) where the lower part of the leg bend inward. The cause of blount’s diesease is said to be cause by the weigth on the growth plate that is located at the end of the long bones in children and juvenile. These occur most times among among children that start walking at early age.

More on Bow Legs Treatment

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